Yacht Club Argentino
A brief history

In 1883, a group of passionate sailors founded the Yacht Club Argentino (YCA), one of the first yacht clubs in South America.

The YCA was one of the clubs that participated in the foundation of the International Yacht Racing Union (IYRU – today the International Sailing Federation) in 1909 in Paris. In the same year, it was named by the IYRU as the National Sailing Authority, until 1998 -when the Federaci├│n Argentina de Yachting took its place.

Nowadays, the YCA has 3450 members; it owns 50 boats for the organization of regattas and sailing courses and has three different seats in Buenos Aires, San Fernando (24 km from the city), and Mar del Plata (450 km south from Buenos Aires).

The Dársena Norte seat is located in Buenos Aires city. Built to host major sailing events, it has a pier, a dry dock, a wide slipway, keel boats marinas, enough space to park 300 dinghy boats, car park, and a full catering service that includes a restaurant, a bar and a terrace.

At San Fernando, the YCA has a second seat by the Rio Lujan. It has a restaurant, a pier, and a dry dock. This seat is mainly used for Optimist courses and social sailing as it is forty minutes away from the closest racecourse.

The third seat is located at Mar del Plata, by the Atlantic Ocean. At this popular beach place, the yacht club has a hotel and a beach resort by the city as well as a yachting harbor in the port area.

Along its history, the Yacht Club Argentino has grown strongly to offer its members a wide range of spaces to enjoy sailing and other recreational activities. Nevertheless, its policy is to give priority to sailing competitions and to train its members for top racing.

Every year, the YCA organizes 365 regattas for an average of 6.500 boats of international and formula classes. Top-level coaches train the 70 dinghy sailors that represent the club in national and international championships.